China Eastern A320 Captain

Nizar Jallouli
Job Description
Minimum requirements are as follows:
·       For A320  :  600 hours PIC time on type
·       Total 3000 hours PIC time
·       Last flight must be within 12 months
·       Valid ATP license with no limitations, valid passport, Class A Medical
·       Maximum age 57, CAAC ATP license holder 58

o   Must be from a country which has diplomatic relations with China
Total Compensation:
 A320:  $15,500 (net) per month
Base salary: $14,000/mo
Travel Allowance:  $500/mo
Housing Allowance: $500/mo
Safety Bonus: $500/mo (paid annually)
For the A320 :  70 hours.  Overtime paid at $200/hr.
 Seasonal Contracts:  Choose your scheduling option!
1. Select 6/7/8/9/10/11 months of working per year.
2. Pay is determined by length of time in China.
a. For example, B737 Captain chooses to work 8 months per year.
b. Base salary $15,500 * 8 = $124,000.
c. Travel allowance, Housing Allowance, Safety bonus included during months you work.
d.  NOTE:  Seasonal contracts MUST work during peak seasons (July to September, and Chinese New Year)
 All taxes in China paid by China Eastern.

  • For the A320 and B737:  70 hours.  Overtime paid at $200/hr.
  • For the B777: 80 hours. Overtime will be paid at $215 per hour.

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