Pilot Salary and Benefits - Qatar Airways

Nizar Jallouli

Basic salary = USD 9100
Flight pay per hour = 120 QAR/hr
Assume 75hrs = USD 2500 p/month
Monthly salary of USD 11,600
Annual salary = USD 139,200

First Officer
Basic salary = USD 6500
Flight pay per hour = 90 QAR/hr
Assume 75hrs = USD 1850 p/month
Monthly salary of USD  8350
Annual salary = USD 100,300
Second Officer
Monthly salary of USD 2700
Annual salary = USD32,400
Ancillary Benefits

  • Company provided accommodation
  • Transport allowance of approximately $410 USD
  • Utility allowance
  • Meal allowance whilst on layovers
  • School fees subsidy
  • Family medical insurance
  • Comprehensive life insurance
  • Loss of license insurance
  • End of service gratuity

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