Salary for Air Asia Cabin Crew - New pay scale

Nizar Jallouli

Salary for Air Asia Cabin Crew - New pay scale


For those of you who wish to join Air Asia as a cabin crew,good news as they have recently increase their salary scheme.Below is the old and new pay scale :-

Old Scheme
Basic Pay : MYR1000
Flying Per hour : MYR 20
Incentive : MYR 500 extra per month ( for example if you do not call in sick )

New scheme
Basic Pay : MYR 1000
Flying Per hour : MYR 10
Sector allowance : MYR 20
Incentive : MYR 10 per hour

So let's say for example, for a particular working day you fly 4 sector and clock 6 hours, you will get MYR80 for sector allowance, MYR60 for flying hours and additional MYR60 if performance incentive is met for a total of MYR200 per day

On top of the above you will get 6 free tickets per year and sales commission from food, beverages, merchandise and duty free.

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