Singapore Airlines Pilots’ salary and Family Benefits

Nizar Jallouli


Salaries vary depending on the type of aircraft a pilot is assigned to fly and the number of hours flown. Advancement of a pilot’s salary also depends on his length of service with the company and the fleet he belongs to. A First Officer’s basic salary starts from S$6,175 while a Captain’s starts from S$11,550.

Pilots’ Productivity Allowance

In addition to the basic salary, a pilot will receive the PPA (Pilots’ Productivity Allowance). The PPA is an hourly rate paid for every hour flown. Under the prevailing CA, the PPA comprises up to 30% of a pilot’s total income. As this part of the pilot’s salary is based on productivity, it is variable – the more a pilot flies, the more he earns. As such, in cases when flights are cancelled, if he is sent on course, or if he is on medical or annual leave, his salary will be correspondingly affected. Thus, a pilot’s salary can fluctuate – the less he flies, the lower his income.

Pilots Leave Entitlement

Captains and First Officers of SIA on national terms have 36 and 32 days of annual leave respectively, while expatriates enjoy 42 days annual leave. SilkAir national pilots enjoy between 30-36 days leave each year. The industry standard is on average 42 days per year. Pilots do not enjoy any off days on any of the statutory holidays.

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