Etihad airways flight Instructor recruitment (MPL)

Nizar Jallouli

Flight Instructor recruitment (MPL)

The Flight Instructor is responsible of the conduct of training courses and programs required to satisfy the training and licensing requirements for Etihad Aviation Training Students flight crew members, instructors, and examiners, as mandated by the regulatory Authority, and in accordance with the policies, procedures and programs specified in the relevant Training Manuals and Operations Manual Part D.


  • Conduct Etihad Aviation Training flight training, to ensure that all applicable regulatory requirements and company objectives are satisfied. 
  • Conduct relevant training programs, to ensure compliance with all applicable regulatory and company requirements, and to ensure that the highest levels of training quality and standardization are achieved. 
  • To ensure on-going coordination with the Chief Flight Instructor, and that any issues raised concerning the conduct of training assigned cadets are appropriately addressed and resolved. 
  • Conduct full-time instructional activities at Etihad Aviation Training to ensure currency and up-to-date training protocols are incorporated within the training regimen and trainees receive the highest level of training standard. 
  • Ensure that the approved lesson plans are delivered as scripted, and according to the company standards. 
  • Monitoring the progress of assigned trainees, in particular those subject to reports of progress problems. 
  • Responsible and accountable for identifying safety risks in accordance with the Etihad Aviation Training risk assessment process, and ensuring that adequate risk mitigation steps are appropriately implemented in order to assure safety within the workplace. 

Education & Experience

  •  Secondary school completion (A-Level or equivalent) (College degree an advantage). 
  •  Hold or have held a current GCAA CPL/IR or ATPL ME, SE with FI privileges or ICAO equivalent acceptable for reciprocal recognition by the GCAA.
  •  Hold an GCAA SFI or ICAO equivalent acceptable for reciprocal recognition by GCAA
  •  Meet other applicable GCAA regulatory requirements as outlined in CAR-FCL and CAR-ORA relating to the specified position.
  •  Minimum 1500 hours total flight time as multi crew 
  •  Minimum 200 hours of instruction.
  •  Experience in a turbine aircraft in a training/checking role in a Multi-crew or single-pilot environment in modern EFIS equipped aircraft an advantage.

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