Vietjet Cadet Pilot Program

Nizar Jallouli

job Description

Vietjet is excited to announce our 2022 Cadet Pilot Program for A320 type rated first officers with initial operating experience. 

Career opportunity: after you have successfully completed the line training program, you will officially become Vietjet's First Officers 

Screening time: November 15th - December 15th 2022 

Location: Ho Chi Minh City 

1. Document check 
2. ADAPT Test 
3. SIM screening 
4. Interview 

Kindly fill the following survey form to provide more details of your flight training history and qualifications:


- Aged from 18 to 40; 

- Minimum height of 160cm (Female) / 165cm (Male); 

- Completed high school education or higher; 

- Curriculum vitae (English); 

- Passport copy (with at least 1 year validity); 

- Criminal record (with at least 4 months validity). 

Required documents: 

- Copy of Logbook; 

- English proficiency certificate of ICAO level 4 or higher; 

- Class 1 Medical Certificate recognized by CAAV; 

- Completed CPL training at ATOs approved by CAAV; 

- IR Certificate; 

- MCC certificate with minimum 20 hours SIM; 

- CAAV theory ATPL certificate; 

- Valid CAAV A320 Pilot License; 

- With a minimum total flight time of 200 hours.

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